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Condition assessment on MV & HV cables

Condition assessment provides knowledge about the state of the various components in HV grids. This knowledge contributes to the right decisions regarding maintenance and replacement. Condition based-maintenance improves the overall performance at a lower cost

The TanDelta measurement (dissipation factor) is a non-destructive and integral procedure that serves to evaluate the condition of an entire cable route. With the dielectric dissipation factor tan δ, the relation of effective power to reactive power of the cable is measured.

Benefits of VLF TD Diagnostic Testing



  • TanDelta at 0,1 Hz is the best way to expose water-treeingin XLPE insulation

  • VLF Tandelta (TD) uncovers the general aging of the insulation and creates a fingerprint of the insulation system

  • Test voltage at or below operating voltage U0 of the cable ensures a non-destructive condition assessment on aged cable and still gives good information about the condition of the cable 

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