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Condition assessment on MV & HV cables

Condition assessment provides knowledge about the state of the various components in HV grids. This knowledge contributes to the right decisions regarding maintenance and replacement. Condition based-maintenance improves the overall performance at a lower cost

LIne Resonance Analysis 

LIRA is sensitive to small changes of wire electric parameters, mainly the insulation permittivity, that are a significant condition indicator of the cable state (thermal and radiation aging, humidity, insulation defects, mechanical damage).

LIRA can detect:

  • All types of changes affecting the insulation capacitance

  • Dimensional changes as cable joints or splices between different cable types, areas influenced by extensive heating, radiation, water intrusion, corrosion, bends, scratches, mechanical impacts, fatigue, etc.

  • Global or local insulation material degradation (XLPE, PILC and others).

  • All types of changes affecting the insulation capacitance

LIRA might detect:

  • Damages in outer sheath only if water/
    humidity or other factors directly or indirectly
    affects the capacitance of the insulation/screen

  • High resistance failure depending on extent ofchange and size

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