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Predictive maintenance on high voltage cable systems 6,3-420 kV

With predictive maintenance you go from guesswork to data-based decision making. This provides an more accurate overview of the actual condition and remaining lifespan.

Some studys show that going from reactive to predictive maintenance result in huge potential return, with 25-30% reduction in maintenance costs, 70-75 % decrease in breakdowns and 35-45% reduction in downtime.

The consequences of failing high-voltage equipment can be catastrophic. On one hand you have the costly repairs. But on the other hand you have the potentially huge consequences in terms of downtime, inconvenience and hazards impacting the public and the environment

Predictive maintenance is no absolute miracle cure but it as "good as it gets". With frequent testing, NEKA can help you achieve predictive maintenance

Online Partial discharge survey:

Offline high voltage testing with partial discharge and TanDelta diagnosis:

  • Cable systems

  • Transformers

  • Switchgear

  • Electrical machines


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