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Remote PD test on cable systems at substations, transformer stations and power stations (6-420 kV)

Neka offers cost-effective condition assessment with remote partial discharge (PD) measurements on high-voltage systems. PD measurements are the best indicator on early warning of insulation degradation in high voltage components and are a good way to check the condition of new and old systems.

The measurements retrieve all the necessary data to be able to make an advanced analysis of any faulths. This includes PRPD, waveform (Time Domain Analysis) and frequency spectrum (Frequency Domain Analysis). This is important to avoid false results.

In the power grid we often have a lot of noise and harmless PD activity, such as corona noise. Less advanced PD equipment which only bases the analysis on AI

(Red-Yellow-Green light variants) will in many cases give the user an indication that something "may" be wrong and that new measurements with more advanced equipment are required to investigate further.

With our solution, you avoid this problem as all necessary data is retrieved at the first measurement.

The test is performed by our PD expert over the 4G network. All you have to do on site is to attach the sensors to the relevant cables. By using your own local personnel for this job, you avoid unnecessary costs due to no travel and extra time spent on site.

The PD measurements will not only reveal faults in the relevant cable system, but also in other connected components such as transformers, switch systems, generators and electrical machines.

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