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Commissioning​ of cable systems

Commissioning is a systematic process of verifying newly-installed, refitted equipment or systems before it is put into service. It is performed to ensure that the system operates according to its design, and to confirm the intended safety and reliability.

LIRA is sensitive to small changes of wire electric parameters, mainly the insulation permittivity, that are a significant condition indicator of the cable state (thermal and radiation aging, humidity, insulation defects, mechanical damage).

LIRA can detect:

  • All types of changes affecting the insulation capacitance

  • Dimensional changes as cable joints or splices between different cable types, areas influenced by extensive heating, radiation, water intrusion, corrosion, bends, scratches, mechanical impacts, fatigue, etc.

  • Global or local insulation material degradation (XLPE, PILC and others).

  • All types of changes affecting the insulation capacitance

LIRA might detect:

  • Damages in outer sheath only if water/
    humidity or other factors directly or indirectly
    affects the capacitance of the insulation/screen

  • High resistance failure depending on extent ofchange and size.

LIne Resonance Analysis 

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