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Commissioning​ of cable systems

Commissioning is a systematic process of verifying newly-installed, refitted equipment or systems before it is put into service. It is performed to ensure that the system operates according to its design, and to confirm the intended safety and reliability.

PD surveillance while

SOAK testing

All new critical cable connections should be controlled for partial discharges (PD) when they are energized for the first time!

In cases where it is not possible to test the cable with an overvoltage, IEC 60502-2 allows a 24 hour test where normal operating voltage (U0) is used. SOAK test at U0 will only reveal significant errors. But combining this with PD surveillance also reveal smaller defects which under normal conditions takes time to fail may be revealed. 

The surveillance is suitable for any electrical equipment from 3kV to 600kV. The sensors are mounted on a safe distance from the HV potentialt so there is no need for servise interruption

SOAK test with PD surveillance

•Data is collected during the first 4 hours under SOAK

•Data collected during the last 4 hours under SOAK

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