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Remote partial discharge survey on high voltage cables 6 - 420 kV

Partial discharge is the main cause of the degradation of the insulation system in high voltage components. With regular PD measurements, weaknesses are revealed before the a breakdown occur. PD measurements are performed without the need for downtime.

NEKA offers remote PD measurements over the 4G network. All you need to do on site is to attach the PD sensors on the high voltage cables near the end terminations, eg in the cable basement. The PD measurements will be of the same quality as if we were on site.

1) We will send you the equipment

2) Arrange a time for the control

3) Fix the PD sensors on the cables ( Outer Sheath)

4) The test engineer performs the measurements over the 4G network

5) Each measurement (3 phases) takes about 5-10 minutes

6) Repeat the process on all cables

When the control is completed, the data is analyzed and you receive a complete report with the results and further recommendations.

No critical PD found = No action required

PD activity found = Monitoring (Trending)

Critical PD found = Replacements recommended

By performing measurements in this way, you avoid expensive travel costs. This is win-win for all parties, both in terms of the economy and the environment.

The setup out in the field does not require any special competence other than having access to the facilities. The only condition is that there are 4G signals in the area where the measurements are performed. The measurements can be performed at all voltage levels, from 6 to 420 kV. Other components such as transformers, electrical machines and switchgear can be controlled by the same method

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